How do I create and deploy a reliable storage area network?

san backupFor many businesses, increased user expectations along with government or professional regulations for data storage, backup, and recovery make 24 hour access to critical information imperative. The creation of data center infrastructure that is flexible, intelligent, and able to evolve rapidly with the growing demands of applications, while protecting customer investments is essential.

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Why develop a disaster recovery solution?

vmware disaster recovery planningClimate change will create huge challenges for small and mid-sized businesses due to the increased frequency of tropical storms, such as hurricanes and typhoons. Businesses therefore should be prepared to develop workable, well-thought-out disaster recovery plans.

In the case of a hurricane, businesses must be prepared to endure lost sales or revenues and prolonged closure.  Businesses should also expect customer and employee issues along with supply chain disruptions, due to a lack of power and mobility, created by the emergency situation.

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Externalizing Microsoft services equals savings, savings and more savings

Microsoft ExchangeBusinesses of all sizes depend on Microsoft Office to help them get their work done faster and smarter. But the cost of buying and upgrading individual licenses for every computer in your organization can be prohibitive – especially for smaller, seasonal or rapidly growing businesses. Though the Microsoft Office suite is the most popular workplace productivity software in the world, it also has the reputation of being the most expensive.

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Quality hosting companies are extensions of your IT team

webhosting-logoWhy is using hosting service providers worth it for your small to mid-sized business?  Because using a quality hosting company can augment your internal IT resources.

Web hosting companies primarily offer Internet hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to obtain and build their own customized Web site. Web hosts can provide space on a server that they own for use by their clients as well as server colocation space in a data center facility for servers provided by their clients. Hosting companies are expert in the deployment of Internet server resources and connectivity.  But increasingly, many hosting firms also have demonstrated great expertise in enterprise-class software configuration and maintenance. This experience can be leveraged by small and mid-sized businesses so that they do not have to pay for extremely expensive hired IT help.

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What is a virtual desktop and how can it benefit my company?

virtual desktopA virtual desktop is a system that allows a user to access computer services, where the operating system, all applications, and data are kept on a central server instead of a local desktop. In fact, desktop virtualization is defined as software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it.

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How can my company save money and time by sticking with a quality hosting provider?

Time equals MoneyWeb hosting can provide huge cost savings to small and mid-sized businesses through outsourcing.  Outsourcing is defined as the contracting out of a business process to a third-party.  In the case of Web hosting, businesses can contract out their Web site requirements to an experienced service provider like By outsourcing, companies avoid the high cost of investing in networking and server technology, which often can be defined as a peripheral or “non-core” business expense.

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Finding The Right Internet Service Provider In Miami

Internet Service Provider MiamiThe times when it was quite a challenge to find am Internet service provider in Miami has long passed. The service has attracted the business of everyone from community leagues to companies that have nothing to do with information technology, and anyone looking through the list of these service providers is rightfully confused and unsure how to proceed. Let’s talk about a few factors to consider when trying to find some sense in the situation.

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